December 26, 2016

Geonetry – About Us

We come from backgrounds that give us combined experiences to offer our clients all they need for an impressionable internet presence. Our success lies in getting our clients the most return on their investments. We have come up with a unique proprietary solution wherein multiple clients, including us, have a vested interest in each others’ success. Below is a brief on who we are:

Anup Pandey, CEO & co-founder


An engineer and consultant in the environmental health and safety industry, Anup has been in the business of enabling business processes on the web, and has 20 years of experience with ecommerce platform development and implementation. He has seen the pain points of the small businesses losing ground to large corporations that led him to this disruptive idea of sharing domains. Sharing domains via a syndicate structure will enable many small entities to compete in online search with online behemoths.

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Rupinder Singh, CMO & co-founder


A leader with sixteen years of experience developing and translating product strategy into accelerated profitable growth. Specialized in product marketing, product management, e-commerce, multi – channel digital marketing, data analytics and key research, agile development, managing and driving complex projects to fruition, B2C and B2B marketing. Proven hands on leader who excels in product management and marketing and in designing and managing global multi-channel digital marketing strategies and technology platforms, and synergizing vendor and buyer relations to deliver top and bottom-line growth.

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Kina Merdinian, Communications and Public Relations


Kina Merdinian is responsible for all aspects of communications and public relations. She is committed to facilitating a clear and productive dialog about our company services and ensuring that our client input and requirements are solicited and addressed.

Kina has been involved in the Internet Domain Industry since the late 90s as both a domain owner and later a transaction broker/liaison. She began her 22 year career in the corporate Information Technology (IT) world with EDS Corporation (now a division of Hewlett Packard). During that era, EDS was known as, Fortune 500’s #1 IT Services company.

She brings to Geonetry a broad program support background including, new business development, project management and execution of high visibility projects, business process improvements, strategic planning, marketing, communications, complex event planning, educational curriculum design and delivery. In addition to being called upon to lead many complex, challenging projects during her career at EDS, she was also the communications director for a 300 employee division whose focus was to support new and renewal business across the government sector. Throughout her diverse roles, she has received many client and corporate accolades for her innovations and outstanding results.

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