Sharing Economy Arrives in the domain industry!

There are many instances where a domain has multiple offers from different countries but the offers are not enough individually but more than enough if you could sell the same domain by splitting by country or even by city! Our platform enables multiple websites independently managed and hosted to show up under one domain. Ask us for a demo.


Increasing credibility and leadership in your marketplace through a quality domain name
  • Within minutes, serve mulitple business websites by user location!

  • Cannot get the price you want for a domain? Sell it by geography through our licensing mechanism.

  • Dive into this novel way to exploit great domains, help smaller entities use large domains, help leveling the Search wars


Anup Pandey

CEO and Co-founder

Rupinder Singh

CMO and Co-founder

Kina Merdinian

Executive Vice President Public Relations and Communications

Here is how we do it:

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